11 Questions to Ask Before Getting a Divorce By ERIC V. COPAGE

By Bill Ferguson June 21st, 2017

Common sense suggests that asking the right questions before getting married can make for a better union, but rarely is the other side of the coin examined. That could be because, by the time the prospect of divorce surfaces, spouses may already be in a stressful frame of mind, and in no mood for a […]

Divorce: Valuing a Business during divorce by Ann Thompson

By Bill Ferguson February 14th, 2017

How do you value a spouse’s business during a divorce? In Divorce a lot of things are valued easily because there is a dollar amount associated with it. If there is a bank account that’s subject to division, you know how much is in the bank account and you equally divide it. Businesses are different, […]

Lesbian Couple

The Reason Queer Couples Don’t Get Divorced as Often as Hetero Couples by Nico Lang

By Bill Ferguson January 26th, 2017

It seemed like only a matter of time. After marriage equality was legalized by the Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision last June, the LGBT community both celebrated this historic victory and quietly girded its loins for the inevitable — the wave of same-sex breakups. Just months after the verdict, states like Tennessee [3] and […]

Gay divorce: It may not be as easy as the marriage BY JUDITH MESSINA

By Bill Ferguson June 4th, 2014

When Massachusetts made same-sex marriage legal in 2009, Ron Paul (not the politician) and his partner of 18 years traveled from their home in Virginia to the Bay State to tie the knot. Last February, after four years as a married couple, they split. Now, Paul wants to divorce. But even though gay marriage is legal in 13 […]

From ‘‘I Do’’ to ‘‘I’m Done’’ from New York Magazine

By Bill Ferguson June 4th, 2014

It’s not a subject that marriage-equality groups tend to trumpet on their websites, but gay couples are at the start of a divorce boom. One reason is obvious: More couples are eligible. According to a report by UCLA’s Williams Institute, nearly 50,000 of the approximately 640,000 gay couples in the U.S. in 2011 were married. […]

Same Sex Divorce

Gay Divorce: The Next Big Thing

By Bill Ferguson January 23rd, 2014

From ‘‘I Do’’ to ‘‘I’m Done’’ With newfound rights, newfound fears. The peculiar mechanics—and heartbreak—of gay divorce. By Jesse Green Published Feb 24, 2013 Until recently, Kevin Muir and Sam Ritchie could have been poster boys for marriage equality: a gay couple so solid and beamish it would seem just plain ­ornery to keep them […]

10 Reasons to Consider Mediation

By Bill Ferguson January 15th, 2014

10 Reasons to Consider Mediation More and more people are using divorce mediation these days. If you, or someone you know, are getting divorced, mediation may be a good method to try. 1. It Costs Less In divorce mediation, you meet together with one divorce mediator. You usually share the cost, which is commonly between […]