About Bill

Nobody likes change and the end of a relationship for any reason brings great change and can create a great deal of anxiety, questions and fears. As an out and proud gay man since the age of 18, Bill brings the understanding and compassion of what makes our families unique and special and will help guide you to answers that work for all of you under these changing circumstances.

Call today and speak to Bill. You will see that he is the type of mediator that brings peace and ease into the room, creating an environment that is conducive to both healthy emotions and successful outcomes for a new tomorrow.

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Bill (right) with his partner Eric and their dog "Teddy"

Bill (right) with his husband Eric and their dog “Teddy”

As your mediator, Bill will:
Explain — He will give you an overview of the process, from first conversations, to options for filing paperwork, to negotiating your settlement, and finally, to living with your completed agreement for many years.

Focus — He will help you develop an agreement that addresses your unique concerns. If you have minor children, their welfare will be a priority. He will assist you in creating a parenting plan that supports the developmental needs of your children or the changing needs of your aging relative.

Manage — Divorce doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Mediation can help you to manage both the financial and emotional costs of family conflict.​