Gay couples find divorcing has traps

By Bill Ferguson July 20th, 2014
For gay couples, divorce comes with extra costs

As acceptance for homosexual marriage grows, some couples are running into pitfalls on the other side of matrimony — splitting up.

When Massachusetts made same-sex marriage legal in 2009, Ron Paul (not to be confused with the politician) and his partner of 18 years traveled from their home in Virginia to the Bay State to tie the knot.

Last February, after four years as a married couple, they split. Now, Paul wants to get on with his life.

He can’t.

Even though gay marriage is now legal in 13 states and the District of Columbia, gay divorce remains a difficult matter. The first and biggest pitfall that awaits homosexual couples seeking a divorce is that they may not be able to get one.

In states like Virginia that don’t recognize same-sex marriage, gay couples can’t get a divorce. And to obtain a divorce in Massachusetts, Paul or his erstwhile spouse would need to establish legal residency there.

Thousands of gay couples may face similar difficulties. Check out the article at:–gay-couples-find-divorcing-has-traps